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Kempf means champion, master at arms.

As a lifelong bushcrafter, martial artist, and veteran Ethan deeply understands the importance of a blade you can entrust your life to.

Currently Available Pieces!

Forged In Fire

Ethan is a Forged in Fire Champion.

Season 5 episode 7: the Polish Karabela.

Lifetime Guarantee

Designed and built to fulfill their given purpose at a level vastly beyond soulless factory pieces. Whether it’s hacking through the wilderness on the side of a mountain; or delicately prepping a fine meal, your needs will be met admirably. A Kempf blade will last generations with no decrease in performance with proper care.

Buy Kempf, buy it once.


I've been carrying a knife every day since I was 10 (30 years!) and the valid point I bought from Ethan is my favorite knife by far.

Dave Brown

I've used one of Ethan's Tomahawks to literally cut a tree in half.

Alex Anderson

My favorite kitchen knife i've ever had. I use it every day. It's substantially sharper than any knife i've used before.

Janice Ross