Classes take place at my forge, located in SHELTON, WA roughly 1/2 and hour northwest of Olympia, WA.

Bladesmithing classes cover these topics and more: Forge safety, tool terminology and use, how to swing a hammer and use tongs without injuring yourself, or others, basic forging techniques,  basic grinding techniques. Heat treating, metallurgy, tempering, knife grinding, blade geometry, sharpening, handle construction, guards, and information on sheath construction. 

Bring a friend or loved one to forge memories that will last a lifetime!

Most projects take one student one long day to complete. Two students should expect two long days.

The exception is large or particularly complex builds.

Please Click on the Gift Certificate at the bottom of the page to see details for class topics. I also take payment the day of, just contact me to set up a time/date.

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