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*AVAILABLE* Talon of the mega Shrike!
*AVAILABLE* Talon of the mega Shrike!

*AVAILABLE* Talon of the mega Shrike!

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The Shrike, or Butcherbird, is a small yet incredibly vicious songbird. It is known for impaling its prey on sharp thorns for later usage. 

The word pikal is a Visayan dialect word that literally means “to rip.” In the tribal fighting arts of the Philippines, this name is generally used to describe the method of holding a knife in a reverse grip (aka icepick grip) with the edge inverted, facing toward the user. Though not unique to the Filipino blade arts, the art of Kali (particularly the Pekiti Tirsia system) has been most widely credited for the introduction of this unorthodox use of the knife.

All that being said, this blade is intended for harvesting mushrooms, cutting plant matter and string etc. Especially with harvesting, a reverse grip provides a solid ergonomic advantage and strength.

Blade Length: 4"  

Overall Length: 9"

Blade Max Width: .75"

Weight: 6 OZ 

Steel: 80CRV2

Handle: Carved Bocote with brass pins 

Sheath:  Oxblood and  brown veg tan leather belt sheath

My blades have soul to them, They are entirely hand crafted, and unique. You won't be able to match the quality, performance and passion of these knives with anything store bought. They are heirloom quality, extremely effective tools.

The blade is differentially quenched and tempered 80CRV2 high carbon steel. Which is to say, the spine is soft, flexible and durable, the edge is extremely hard. The result of this heat treating method is that you have a springy blade with a killer edge that will last through a long period of use. It has a sharpened swedge that also functions as a solid cutting tool, and aids with piercing. You can get that watermelon coming and going with ease.

The Handle is carefully sculpted to comfortably fit the curves and complexities of the human hand, kissed with flames and branded with hot steel for extra grip and style. I've sculpted 1,500+ handles over my career so far, and have gotten the ergonomics down to a refined art.

The Ricasso area has two large finger wells on either side of the integral mini guard to facilitate a broad variety of gripping methods depending on the delicacy of the task at hand.

I harden my knives using a computer controlled kiln. Using this tool allows me to get maximum edge retention out of a given piece/type of steel.

Each blade I sell has a my lifetime warranty, covering reasonable uses. With proper care, one of my blades could last multiple generations.

Victory through fire and steel!

-Ethan Kempf