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Limited Edition Fungal Filigree Fenrir - Amanita
Limited Edition Fungal Filigree Fenrir - Amanita
Limited Edition Fungal Filigree Fenrir - Amanita
Limited Edition Fungal Filigree Fenrir - Amanita
Limited Edition Fungal Filigree Fenrir - Amanita
Limited Edition Fungal Filigree Fenrir - Amanita

Limited Edition Fungal Filigree Fenrir - Amanita

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Fungal Filigree Fenrir! 

Here, is the opportunity to have something deliciously unique. A potent combination, and culmination, of the best aspects of my former work and the brightly burning powerfully rekindled soul of the new direction i'm taking. 

Intricately carved Bolivian rosewood handles, beautifully elaborate etching and Pyropainting on the blades. Snugly fitted, hand sewn sheaths formed to each one individually. To complement the fierce curves  

When you order this, you get 1 of 10 blades in this limited edition collection. No one else on the planet will have what you have.

The themed etching on these is Mycelial Spirals, to remind us of the intricately entwined and interdependent cyclical and non linear nature of our existence here. That death comes as the life giver, and transmutation is existence. The design is painstakingly freehand painted on both sides. Please note, the blades pictured are in pre-etch. I will update photos as they progress. 

I may use the techniques I develop for inspiration, but I will not ever reproduce what you have precisely. You will own the only one. I want you to have the absolute best I can create, to bring magnificent metal beings into reality  

When you invest in this, you are directly enabling me to push my art to the next level, and continue to create to ever more elaborate levels. 



I am at a turning point in my career. I've been creating blades since 2016. 7 years. I've poured my bodymind, and soul into this art. I've worked and created with such relentless determination that It became destructive to me. I have created somewhere around around 2,000 blades. I lost precise count years ago. 

I went on a journey to Indonesia on a quest over the winter. Literally learned ancient shamanic bladesmithing techniques from a Javanese wizard. Explored ancient temples, and had the honor of being initiated in a tradition of sacred smithing techniques.

I expanded myself and my ideas of what reality, art and blades are, and can be. I came back changed and inspired. The guttering ember of my artistic passion, was reignited into searing flame.


The Fenrir is named after the legendary giant wolf of Norse mythology. The design has withstood absolutely brutal testing, worthy of a Forged in Fire champion! hacking through black steel pipe, a brick, then slicing rope and paper.

Link to testing video: *Please do not try this at home*

*Please note* these measurements are only approximate, as each knife is handmade, and thus will be slightly different.

Blade Length: 6.5" 

Overall Length: 12"

Blade Max Width: 2"

Weight: 14.4 OZ or 408 grams

Steel: 80CRV2

Handle: Hand carved Morado (Bolivian Rosewood) 

Sheath: All sheaths securely and safely hold the blade, and are made custom, by hand, for each knife, in my workshop. They are form fitted around the blades and treated with oils to aid in water resistance. Sheaths are made for a right handed draw.


My blades have soul to them, They are entirely hand crafted, and unique. You won't be able to match the quality, performance and passion of these knives with anything store bought. They are heirloom quality, extremely effective tools, as well as gorgeous art, tied in with a tradition as old as humanity.

The blade is 80CRV2 high carbon steel. The fullers (grooves) are soft, comparatively flexible and durable, the edge is extremely hard. The result is that you have a durable, springy blade with a killer edge that will last through a long period of use. 

I harden my knives using a computer controlled kiln. Using this tool allows me to get maximum edge retention out of a given piece/type of steel.

Each blade I sell has a my lifetime warranty, covering reasonable uses. With proper care, one of my blades can last multiple generations.

Victory through fire and steel!

-Ethan Kempf / Ha’Né