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Forging Class Gift Certificate

Forging Class Gift Certificate

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Classes take place at my forge, located in SHELTON, WA roughly 1/2 an hour northwest of Olympia, WA.

Bladesmithing classes cover these topics and more: Forge safety, tool terminology and use, how to swing a hammer and use tongs without injuring yourself, or others, basic forging techniques,  basic grinding techniques. Heat treating, metallurgy, tempering, knife grinding, blade geometry, sharpening, handle construction, guards, and information on sheath construction. 

Bring a friend or loved one to forge memories that will last a lifetime!

Most completed bladed projects take one student one full day (8 hours) to finish. Two students should expect two full days. 

Classes are by arrangement only, I will be doing 1 or more weekends per month depending on how many students I have. I can also schedule for weekdays and prefer this if possible. I am willing to be somewhat flexible with scheduling, but due to interest it is difficult to do completely one on one classes by arrangement very often anymore. I am willing to make exceptions for students flying/coming in from out of state/across the country.

Gift Certificates: Instead of particular products, you get a block of my time and knowledge. I will help you create whatever you want!  I'm willing to be somewhat flexible and understanding with time if it will get your project done, but If we exceed the allotted time too much, I require compensation for the additional work. 

I'm very willing to facilitate student designs in ways that fit their available timeline, as I strongly prefer folx to leave with a finished piece, when possible. No matter how much time you spend in my forge, you will walk away with more skills, and something awesome in your hand!

*Gift certificates are valid for one year after purchase*

See below for ideas of what you could create with me!

Basic forging (Good for the 4 hour time slot): Learn to forge! Tapering, rounding, points, upsetting steel, hooks, loops, triangles, brackets, wands, punching and drifting holes, spatulas and BBQ forks, etc. This is a solid foundation, and could include an all steel blacksmith's knife! 
This is a great option for those more limited on time but who still want to feel the flames and gain some knowledge!

*The rest of these examples are usually doable to at least take home completion in 8 hours, smaller projects tend to be done more rapidly*

Forging a Tomahawk or Hatchet: Learn to forge a rugged, functional tomahawk for adventuring or home use. This can be done in several different ways, and we'll figure out what suits your needs best.

Forging a Small Knife: Learn to forge an every day carry (EDC), paring, utility, tanto, hunting, skinning, small kitchen knife etc. 

Forging a Medium Knife: Learn to forge a chef, cleaver, camp, fighter, seax, tanto, survival knife, or whatever else you can imagine. 

Forging a Camp Axe: Learn to forge a mid sized utility axe! Perfect for camping, carving, hiking, adventuring, or just splitting kindling to build a delightful fire on cold nights. These usually weigh 3 ish lbs. 

Forging a Large Knife: Forge a machete, cleaver, pig-sticker, fighter, seax, wakazashi, small falcata, bolo, kukri, or other weapon of your choice.  Previous experience strongly recommended but not required.

Forging Damascus Steel: Learn the ancient and beautiful art of pattern welding. You will take multiple pieces of steel, prep them, then get them to such a raging heat that you are able to combine them in to a single, solid billet of steel. In this class you will learn the ins and outs of basic Damascus and forge welding. You will create your own Damascus piece, and learn the basic patterns. This piece will be large enough that you can make a blade from it later if you choose.

If you want to learn Damascus, and how to make a blade from it, plan on spending two days. Just forging the billet will take one long, very strenuous day.