Valid point EDC knife with red handle wrap and black sheath

Valid point EDC knife with red handle wrap and black sheath

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A repeat customer about his Valid Point:

"Been rocking that knife for a bit now. One of the sharpest blades I've ever had, hands down. I've had an EDC since I was 10 y/o (so for 30 years now) and this is my fav by far." -Dave Brown



Overall Length: 6" Blade Length: 3" Blade weight: 2.5 oz With Sheath: 4.5 oz


This neck knife has been optimized for style and utility. I have designed the tip and edge geometry to take a lot of impact, and still remain incredibly sharp and pointy.


The ergonomic handle design fits snugly into your palm, it is designed to fit a broad variety of hand sizes. The handle wrap is flattened paracord sheathing, which is then soaked in beeswax to create a grip that literally molds to the wielder's hand over time and use.


The blade is differentially quenched and tempered high carbon steel. Which is to say, the spine is soft, flexible and durable, the edge is extremely hard. The result of this heat treating method is that you have a durable, springy blade with a killer edge that will last through a long period of use before requiring sharpening.


The sheath is hand made by me as well. It is textured, riveted for strength, and water proofing has been soaked and rubbed in to the leather to protect the blade from the elements.


Each blade I sell has a my lifetime warranty. If anything happens to it during the course of normal use, and I'm still alive, I will fix or replace it.


Onwards to Victory!

-Ethan Kempf