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*AVAILABLE* Chef’s Petty Kitchen knife with triangular stripe etching. CP1

*AVAILABLE* Chef’s Petty Kitchen knife with triangular stripe etching. CP1

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Blade Length: 4.5"
Overall length: 9"
Blade width at heel: 1.25"
Blade width at spine: Approximately 1/16th" at thickest point.
Weight: 5 OZ or 145 Grams
Steel: L6 High carbon steel
Handle: Purpleheart and brass pins. 

My blades have soul to them, They are entirely hand crafted, and unique. You won't be able to match the quality, performance and passion of these knives with anything store bought. They are heirloom quality, extremely effective tools.

The blade is differentially quenched and tempered L6 high carbon steel. Which is to say, the spine is soft, flexible and durable, the edge is extremely hard. The result of this heat treating method is that you have a durable, springy blade with a killer edge that will last through a long period of use.

It is extremely light, with the balance slightly inclined towards the handle, making for a splendidly usable, easy to wield blade!

It is a hybrid grind, mainly flat with a light convex finish from spine to cutting edge. You can barely feel it passing through food as you cut.

I harden my knives using a computer controlled kiln. Using this tool allows me to get maximum edge retention out of a given piece/type of steel.

The handle of this knife has been carefully sculpted to fit the contours of a human hand. It is comfortable in a broad variety of grips. I especially ensured it is extremely comfortable in a pinch grip.

The design on the blade is hand painted on, then acid etched deeply enough that you can feel it when running a finger over the flat of the blade. 

As an added benefit, the deep etching also helps with food release. By breaking the surface tension with micro- air pockets, food pops off the blade easily.

Each blade I forge has a my lifetime warranty. If anything happens to it during the course of normal use, I will fix or repair it if I'm still alive

Onwards to Victory!
-Ethan Kempf